5 Strategies to Become A Successful Amazon Affiliate Partner

Amazon was one of the first affiliate programs on the internet and the Amazon website says it is the most successful affiliate program in the world. The secret to their success is simple, Amazon is the most trusted online store with hundreds of thousands of products that range from books, to computer software and even bikes.


With Amazon you can buy almost anything and with the Amazon Affiliate Partner program you can sell exactly what you can buy on the site. Being a successful affiliate is not easy, it requires a great website or blog to display products that makes people want to click and buy.


1. Insert the best widgets on the site or blog.


The perfect widget is quite hard to figure out because what works for one site or blog does not necessarily means that it will work for every site. The golden rule is to add products and widgets which match the site content. For example, when a user is visiting a website it is because they are interested in that topic, so, if you have a page about MP3 players, it makes no sense to add bike Amazon products. The performance will be ridiculous. On the other hand if you add MP3 players and even music, the CTR and the conversions will be fantastic.


2. Drive as much traffic as possible to the site.


Traffic is everything because this traffic is real people with money in their credit cards and Paypal accounts. Driving traffic to a website is 99% of the business and the hardest part as well. The most popular way to send traffic to a website today is to use Facebook, post on walls, groups and fan pages, and then watch traffic coming from the wall to the website. Since only interested people click the link, only interested people visit the website, which increases the products CTR and the conversions as well. The more friends you have in your Facebook account the better. Try to make friends with people related to your website. For example, if you sell Amazon Forex Robots, make friends with people who have Forex or FX in their names since you already know these people are very interested in reading more about Forex and purchasing Forex products to trade with success.


3. Focus on getting more search engine traffic.


Search engine traffic is the most active traffic or all because that’s exactly the kind of people who want to have exactly what you have on your website, otherwise they would not be using the search engine. Ranking high on search engines, especially Google, is halfway for success. Ranking high on Google is all about getting incoming links from important websites to your website and this process is not easy. You can ask for links but you can never buy links because if Google confirms that you have been buying links, it will remove you from the index and you will never see Google traffic again. Getting back in the index is not easy so do not risk your business.


4. Find hot products to promote.


People love to buy products which are on fires. For example, right now Windows 8 is very hot and people want to try this new exciting operating system which promises to change the way we see the internet. Amazon has a widget with hot deals and even though they might not be related to the website content, give them a try and see how they perform compared with the traditional products.


5. Test different systems and products.


You should always test new website templates, new widgets, new products, different colors, and different borders with the goal to achieve maximum performance. Use JavaScript to rotate different products and even widgets and then see which generates the most revenue.


Amazon Affiliates is a very exciting program which can be used along with Google Adsense for maximum revenue and if Google Adsense is not performing on your website or blog, just give Amazon a try.

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