How to Drive Fresh Traffic to Your Old and Dead Blog Post

Blogs posts will be dead if they are not updated from time to time. However updating all your blog posts will take too much time and it will be impossible to write new content. The solution is to drive fresh traffic to old blog posts to keep them alive.

1. Write new post and make links to older posts.

This is the fastest and most effective way to keep on writing great content and to drive more traffic to that old blog post.


2. Use article directories.

Article directories are a powerful way to drive traffic to any old blog post just by writing a new article and inserting a link back to the old post. If you write long posts on your blog, you can write a smaller article, just an introduction of what the post is about and if the reader on the article directory wants to read more, he will have to click the article link and follow to your old blog post.

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3. Write for content websites like Squidoo and Hubpages.

Squidoo and Hubpages are a very powerful way to get incoming links and traffic to your old blog posts.


4. Share all your posts on social networks.

Social networks are the most important sources of traffic right after search engines. Facebook is the king of social network traffic , followed by Stumble Upon and Twitter. All your old posts should be shared on your Facebook wall, on the most popular groups and also on Fan Pages that you have. This way you maximize your Facebook audience reach. Posting on your wall is very simple and it will make at least half of your friend see your update, according to official Facebook statistics that show that half of all Facebook users see their profile at least once.


5. Add the old post to Stumble Upon.

Stumble Upon is an website that can send thousands of visitors in a few minutes. Stumble upon is a website where people see websites already discovered by other people and if they discover new websites, they will submit them to the Stumble Upon network and these new websites will be seen by other people and so on. The marketing potential is huge where you submit one new website that will be seen by thousands of other people. To make Stumble Upon more effective stumble websites and add friends and join grops.


6. Start blogs related to your old post.

Blogger is a free way to make blogs and can give you traffic and incoming links. Blogger is the most powerful way to make a free blog and you can create as many blogs as you like but you are advised to start just one super blog which will have more voting power and attract more search engine traffic and lots of smaller blogs.

Old blog posts can have traffic forever with the right tools. These old blog posts are not dead and as long as they are published they will attract traffic from search engines and from all the pages that link to it.

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